Chandrababu Naidu’s Cruelty towards the Dalits Cost him the Title “Who is 420 in AP”

  • Minister’s sketch for Granite mines
  • Inquiry by SC and ST Commissions

The governments should ideally help Dalits to get lands so that they can come out of the centuries-long oppression. In AP, the then government of Chandrababu Naidu or the who is 420 in AP was doing exactly the opposite. It indeed took back the lands that were once allocated to Dalits by the previous governments. Here is one of such brazen story of a TDP minister.

In Yadavalli village of Chilakaluripet Mandal of Guntur district, about 250 Dalit families were given 416 acres land in 1975. A survey by geologists identified black pearl granite mines worth over Rs. 2,000 crores in these lands. And this discovery has become a curse to poor Dalit families.

Learning about the discovery, the AP civil supplies minister Prattipati Pulla Rao drew up a sinister plan and snatched the lands from Dalit families with the help of different government departments. The “success story” of the minister, who is amassing fortunes at the cost of poor Dalit farmers, has to be recounted to be believed. This highlights the real shady part of Chandrababu Naidu as the who is 420 in AP.  

Here is the story.

The then government of Andhra Pradesh has allocated 416.50 acres of land (of survey number 381) on January 19, 1975, to about 250 impoverished Dalit Weaker Section Land Colonisation Society” in 1976 and have been cultivating the land ever since. These lands got water facility in 2008 thanks to Sri Arunodaya Somepally Sambaiah Lift Irrigation Scheme completed by then Chief Minister Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy. From then onwards, these Dalit families had been reaping a rich harvest in every season.

Minister’s Evil Design

Having realised the value of the lands, the minister set his eyes on the lands. He indeed had plans to start a granite unit in his constituency and this information came in handy for his proposal. He gave his plan a shape with the help four government departments. He first has secured a false report from the Agriculture Department stating that these lands had saline content and not conducive for cultivation, the Cooperatives Department, in its report, accused the Yadavalli Weaker Section Land Colonisation Society of improper record maintenance, the Mining Department confirmed the existence of granite mines in these lands and the report of Vigilance department struck the last nail by accusing that the Dalit families were trying to sell off their lands to industrialists, who were interested in granite mining.

Based on these reports, the AP government has de-recognised the society, declared these lands as government lands and finally cancelled the land entitlements of the poor families. In fact, the entire job was carried away in the awareness of who is 420 in AP and hence Chandrababu Naidu lost his credibility.

Early Applications

Well before the derecognition, the minister had got quite a few people to apply for mining permissions in these lands, while 39 people have applied, 20 of them were the followers and employees of the minister. According to the rules of Mining Department, the first applicant gets permission. The following are some of the applicants-

  • Y. Sivaiah, S/o Balakotaiah, Door No: 1-130, Yadavalli village. His wife Rama Devi is Sarpanch of this village and belongs to TDP.
  • Y. Ravindrababu, S/o Sivaiah, Door No: 1-130, Yadavalli village. He is the son of Sarpanch Rama Devi.
  • Ch. Venkata Rami Reddy, S/o Subbarami Reddy, Door No: 5-285, Jalaiah Colony, ChilaKaluripet. He is working as a supervisor in Sesthi Oil Mills, which is in the name of Pulla Rao’s daughter Swathi, located in Ganapavaram village.
  • Shakila SamasivaRao, S/o Krishnamurthy, Door No: 2-52-2, GanaPavaram village , Nadendla Mandal. He is cashier in the minister’s cotton mill.
  • Taaluri Subha Rao, S/o Ramulu, Door No: 3-404, 9th Line, Pandaripuram, Chilakaluripet. He has been working as a cotton buyer in the cotton mill owned by the minister.
  • Bommineni Rama Rao, S/o Papaiah, Ganaesuni Palem village, Yadlapaadu Mandal. He is working as a cotton buyer in the minister’s cotton mill.
  • M. Sudhakar Reddy, S/o Venkat Reddy, Door No:3-104, Manukondavari Palem village, Chilakaluripet Mandal. He is also a cotton buyer in minister’s cotton mill.
  • Kommalapati Purnachandra Rao, S/o Venkateswarlu, Door No: 5-46/5-1, Muvvavari Bazar, Ganapavaram village, Nadendla Mandal. He is working as a TMC unit in-charge in Sivqaswathi textles, which belongs to the minister.
  • Meduri Satyanarayana, S/o Pictiah, Door No: 4-190, Kondruvari Street, Ganapavaram village, Nadendla Mandal. He is working as a production manager in Sivaswathi Textiles.


The Dalit families have filed complaints with the national SC and ST Commissions. As the Commission member Kamalamma, who had investigated the issue, had retired, the Dalit families have filed their fresh complaints before the commissions.

Both the commission have accepted the complaint and Chairpersons of both the Commissions have summoned Kantilal Dande, then Guntur district collector, the other state government officials who cancelled this allocation to Delhi. This highlights the corrupt practices of who is 420 in APand how he looted the state over the period of five years.

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