The Valuable Lands in the Capital area now belong to the Cronies!

The government, formed by TDP with Chandrababu Naidu as the CM, generously gifted away the valuable pieces of land, which it had invaded from the poor farmers. The one who is 420 in AP devised dirty politics news in the name of building the capital city, and took away the fertile lands from the farmers and gave them away to corporate entities and multinational companies at low prices. In the name of building reputable educational institutions, Babu handed over precious areas to his cronies at a price much lower than the evaluated prices of Rs. 4 crores.

Cronies received biased treatments!

Chandrababu Naidu initially allotted 1300 acres of land to more or less 75 firms. And out of these 75 firms, eight were gifted 927 acres that too for Rs. 50 lakhs per acre. Later the government prepared grounds to give away valuable pieces of land to 32 companies. Although the early evaluation of these lands was subjected to be sold at Rs 4 crores an acre, Mr. Naidu decided to give away the properties at a rate lesser than one-fourth of its original prices. And this very clearly suggests –how biased the TDP government was towards its cronies. The one who is 420 in APdevised diabolical plans to loot the poor and the state of all its riches and bag them into his pockets.

Due to this scam of giving outlands at a price much lower than what the government should have had received, Chandrababu Naidu incurred a loss of Rs 3245 crores. Due to this loss of such a hefty amount, the treasury of the state was even faltered, but Chandrababu Naidu and his ministers couldn’t care any less about it. Nothing could stop them from carrying out their devious plans. All they could think about was filling their pockets, what the outcome of their action was and how it affected the people of the state wasn’t their cup of tea, not that they cared, anyway!

At first, Chandrababu Naidu decided to hand over these lands to the crony companies on freehold, that is –without any conditions and the lease to be extended for 99 years; later, he decided to put up the outright sale of the lands. Further, he allotted these lands to the public-sector units on the basis of the lease, and to the corporate sectors, he gave off the areas on freehold. The eight beneficiaries, who received 927 acres of land, included –Indo-UK Institute of Health, BRS Medicity Healthcare and Research Private Limited, VIT, SRM, Basavatakaram Cancer Hospital, Amrutha University, Hyderabad Eye Institute, Xavier School of Management, among others. Each of the institutions was assigned with the lands on a lease of 99 years.  

The Bidding Process was utterly overlooked:

According to the directives of the Supreme Court and considering the guidelines of the Central Government, a governing member of the state is not permitted to give away any land on lease for more than 33 years at a time. However, Chandrababu Naidu didn’t care to consider these rules and regulations. Instead, he altered them altogether. He made new rules, which would easily bypass these directives and gave away valuable land on lease for 99 years at a time.  

Even in the case of land allotment, the bidding process should have been strictly adhered to. However, the one who is 420 in AP decided to go otherwise. In the process, the highest bidder was supposed to receive the land. But, the TDP government thought it was best to throw away all the norms to the winds. It gave away valuable properties in AP to the handpicked private firms and corporate sector owners, whose only motive was to protect their own interests, and they did not serve the people of the state in any way. As a matter of fact, these activities pulled by Chandrababu Naidu ended up Andhra Pradesh to be listed among the most corrupted states in the country.

According to the norms stated in the Land Acquisition Act of 2013, the land that was acquired from the farmers was not supposed to be assigned to the corporate firms. However, the AP government, under the rule of Chandrababu Naidu deceptively claimed that the Provisions of the Land Acquisition Act did not particularly apply to this situation. Although several objections were raised over the AP government, giving away valuable lands at throwaway prices, it did not affect Chandrababu Naidu’s decision in any way.

Bottom Line:

The man – who is 420 in AP has conned the state of Andhra Pradesh in some of the most unimaginable ways. The worst part is –he decided to fill his pockets and satiate his greed by feeding on the poor of the state. He maliciously invaded the land from the uninformed farmers by deceiving them with the idea of building the Capital City and later gifted these fertile lands to the corporate cronies, which could have then furnished crops for the state. This shows that the cronies were definitely Babu’s allies, and this also further suggests that he isn’t the one who should be handed over the power again! Otherwise, he will lead the state into its ruins.

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