The Cost Evaluation of the Totapalli Project surged!

Chandrababu Naidu, without even giving a second thought to the impression he could be making for the future times, doubled up the cost for the Totapalli project. The one who is 420 in AP had little regard for striving towards turning Andhra Pradesh into a better state under his jurisdiction. Rather, he put up all the efforts in plundering the state and filling up his pocket. The value of the Totapalli Project went from being Rs 774.90 crores to Rs. 1,127.58 crores, which is about 45.51% surge to the initial amount. The funnier yet shocking part is the hike was done during the very end of the project, which suggested that the hike was done for the benefit of the contractors.

In this article, we will discuss how Chandrababu Naidu has manipulated almost anything and made ends meet in order to benefit his malicious motives and his cronies as well. Read on to find out.

Facts about the Totapalli Project:

The Totapalli Regulator was initially fabricated by the British in the year 1908 on River Nagavali. However, the regulator was starting to show some signs of wearing and tearing. The government of AP further took up the project to build a TMC reservoir of 2.509 capacity that would stretch over 500 meters further from the existing structure of the regulator. And the tank was also expected to supply water to approximately 1.20 lakh acres of the area through the canal of 117.89 km in length.

Late Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy issued this AIBP (Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme). And the project, when was issued by Dr. Reddy, was valued at the cost of Rs 450.23 crores, and more than 85% of the work was completed by the year 2009. But, later in 2012, when Chandrababu Naidu took over the position of the CM, the cost was increased to Rs 774.90 crores. By the year 2014, about 90% of the work of the Totapalli Project was finished.  The one who is 420 in APyet managed to remain true to his form and was not able to complete even 5 percent of the remaining work. But, later made a lofty claim of finishing the Totapalli Project and “dedicated” it to the country one year later on the 10th of September.

The Totapalli project was able to irrigate 1 lakh acres of the area because of the work that was done by the previous governments of AP. Completing the remaining 5% of work could have supplied water to more 20K acres of land. But, the TDP government failed to even manage that up even after almost doubling the evaluation value of the irrigation project.

It is all about the cronies!

The crony contractors of Mr. Naidu, the former CM out of a natural desire for increased profits, requested the then ruling government to offer them the additional fund that was based on the proportion and inflation of the work, which was already completed. As a matter of fact, the former CM –Chandrababu Naidu ceded to the requests of these devious contractors and further pressurized the pressure on the officials to make additional payments to the contractors instead of insisting the assigned contractors first to complete their job. Does this shock you?

Under strain from the one who is 420 in AP, the officers working in the Water Resources Department were forced to accept this proposal of the contractors and release the additional funds to them as per the GO: 63 and GO:22. In order to bring this request to affect, the estimated cost had to be revised and was increased to Rs. 1,127.58 crores. The state government even accepted the proposal of the department. This means that the government paid more than three and a half crores of money to the diabolical contractors for the work, which was already done by the other contractors under the jurisdiction of a different government. A considerable amount of the funds changed hands, and undoubtedly the corrupted minister was a part of it.

Further, the government of TDP didn’t stop here; they went on conducting such activities that did plunder the state of Andhra Pradesh and led it into the ruins. Under the governance of Chandrababu Naidu as the CM and Telugu Desam Party as the ruling party, AP was declared as the most corrupted state in the country. After the Totapalli project was done and dealt with, the ex-CM went on looting Rs 320 crores through a four-fold ransack in the Mid of Pennar.

Bottom Line:

The government formed by the TDP was an utter waste, and basically, they made the one who is 420 in AP –Chandrababu Naidu as the CM of the state to loot Andhra Pradesh of all its riches. The ministers practically fed on the money of the people of the state in order to fulfill their diabolical deeds in news. Now when the matter arises again –the question is whether or not the people of AP should vote Chandrababu Naidu again into a powerful position and commit the same mistake that they had a few years back? Or is it time for you to reconsider your choices? Be well aware of whom you vote for!

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