The Ministers and Contractors receive major Kickback from Handri-Neeva project

The ex-CM of AP- Chandrababu Naidu and his crony cabinet ministers received a major kickback from the Handri-Neeva project as the estimated cost of the project inflated from Rs. 17.10 crores to Rs. 95.20 crores after succumbing to pressure. Furthermore, the work was then granted to Rithwik Projects.  Just for the motive of kickbacks, the budget hiking process was actively accepted by the Water Resources Department, and it even revealed its readiness to pay the inflated bills. Almost Rs. 78.82 crores were distributed amongst the contractors by Devineni Umamaheswara Rao, the Water Resources minister, which he got from the project. The one, who is 420 in AP, also paid an additional sum of Rs. 6.63 crores illegally for nominated works.

All of these provide evidence of Rs. 78.82 crores being illegally used by the then government. Here we will talk about all the details of the Handri-Neeva project. Read on to know how the TDP ministers have exploited the people of Andhra Pradesh in order to fulfill their atrocious wishes.

Descriptive estimations of the Handri-Neeva project!

Irregularities superabound in HNSS or the Handri-Neeva Sujala Sravanthi Project.  The estimated cost of the balance works distributed in eight packages of HNSS was jacked up from Rs. 17.10 crores to Rs. 95.92 crores. Furthermore, the work was illegally transferred from the finalized APR constructions to the Rithwik Projects, a company held by a TDP MP. The inflated cost process was actively supported by the Water Resources Department by expressing its willingness to finance the hiked bills, just for the sake of bribe. A whopping sum of Rs. 78.82 crores were illegally handled by covetous hands!

During the second phase of the HNSS project, Chandrababu Naidu removed contractors under packages 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 62, 62, and 64 under Clause 60-C. These eight packages include a work value of Rs. 521.39 crores out of which work of Rs. 504.29 crores worth was already over, leaving behind work of only Rs. 17.10 crores worth.

As per the EPC norms, is the estimated cost is hiked to five times more than the original estimate, the approval of government is binding and mandatory. However, in the above case, the one who is 420 in AP hiked the estimated costs in the eight packages from Rs. 17.10 crores to an astonishing Rs. 95.92 crores. A sharp increase of approximately 22% was seen in each package, and yet there was no sign of government approval.

Additional payment for the nominated works

In phase two of the HNSS project, APR Constructions was initially assigned with the work of the 59th package, which involved digging in the Punganuru branch canal ranging from 150km to 173km. But, using Clause 60 (C), the company was dismissed as it had declined to cough up the inducement. The balance work involving 2.8km of tunnel digging was then assigned to a company owned by the TDP MP C.M. Ramesh, known as the Rithwik Projects, after jacking up the estimated costs to approximately Rs. 69.91 crores. Moreover, the contract was accorded based on nomination. Furthermore, another Rs. 6.63 crores were pocketed by Rithwik Projects by presenting a proposal enunciating that a Jumbo Jack Hammer was used instead of the Boomer for the undertaken task. This shady proposal was approved by the government, and in turn, it announced Rs. 6.63 crores for the company owned by the close associate of the one who is 420 in AP.

Bills for payment!

The works were handed over to the few selected contractors chosen by the manipulative TDP government on April 4, 2015. On completion of their work, the gluttonous contractors sought payment, but the Finance Department refused to release the funds without the mandatory government approval. However, the pressure was exerted on the officials by the Water Resources Minister Devineni Umamaheswara Rao and ensured that the consent to the bills for payment was given by the Water Resources Department.

This shows how the one who is 420 in AP illegally used his power to loot the state of Andhra Pradesh in every possible way. He made sure that not only he but the covetous ministers, as well as his cronies too were profited from all the projects conducted illegally under his tenure. How crafty it is to loot an entire state and fill one’s own pockets!

Bottom Line:

Now that you know all the details about crores of money being illegally invested in the Handri-Neeva Sujala Sravanthi Project (HNSS), you can imagine how the level of corrupted activities the entire TDP government would have conducted in their tenure. Moreover, the one who is 420 in APChandrababu Naidu was utterly brazen regarding his fiendish plans and went on to fill his own pockets with the people’s money.

He and his diabolical motives plundered the whole state of Andhra Pradesh. His government and its deeds made AP one of the most corrupted states in India. Now, do you still think that the TDP government should be voted for the next tenure where the powers would again reside in those covetous hands, which once led AP towards the path of ruination?

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